Changes to InputPort/InputPortDataSource

We've been tweaking InputPort and InputPortDataSource to get a better
ReportingComponent in OCL. This has lead to 3 patches for rtt/master,
attached hereto.

One makes the data source assignable in order to be able to get a
non-const reference to it (required by some marshalling code in the
Two adds a getDataSample function to InputPort such that we can query
for increased data sample sizes (ie if setDataSample was used)
Three removes the caching of InputPortDataSource such that each user
gets its own unique data source and can control the lifetime of it. A
new InputPortDataSource will always initialize the data value to the
InputPort's getDataSample() value.

Any comments on how this could (not) break rock-based apps ?

Didn't influence the RTT unit tests.


0001-internal-make-InputPortSource-assignable.patch2.43 KB
0002-ports-provide-InputPort-getDataSample.patch6.49 KB
0003-ports-no-longer-cache-the-InputPortSource.patch3.44 KB

Changes to InputPort/InputPortDataSource

On 11/13/2012 09:16 AM, Peter Soetens wrote:
> Any comments on how this could (not) break rock-based apps ?

After a quick check, we don't use these data sources, but call
port->read(data_source) instead. So, in principle, nothing changed for
us ...