Gitorious is down

Hi all,

Due to a migration on, some git repositories may not be
accessible. We're setting up a clone on github on this link:

If you want push access to these repositories, you can ask us to
become member of the 'Contributors' group.


PS: Someone (us?) created the 'Orocos' organisation on github 2 years
ago, which seems orphaned now.

Gitorious is down

On 11/27/2012 04:30 PM, Andrew Wagner wrote:
> As a user, I would absolutely support a migration to github.
> is slow, unstable, and counter-intuitive in comparison;
> it is not clear to me why it even exists.
Because it is open source software, and as such companies (such as mine)
can use it internally as well as for open-source works, without having
to train people on both the github and gitorious interfaces.

The equivalent service from github costs a LOT of money.