Releases taxonomy

I created some aliases for all the release stories, this way when you click on the taxonomy releases you do not only get all the releases on a page but still have some blocks on the left side (Home and Orocos Projects), i also added a category Releases to make sure the breadcrumb acts right, check it out on,

i'm not sure though it's the right way to do this? Any comments?

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also for related and applications

I did the same thing for the related projects page and the applications page, shows a teaser of all applications, maybe we should adapt the applications pages a little bit in a way these teasers look good on the overview page. For it looks ok.

I would show the

I would show the blocks only on the /releases link, and not on /releases*. Apart from that, I think this was a really good idea.

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dont' like no left blocks

I do not like pages without any blocks on the left, that's why they are even there on seperate nodes.

That's not what I meant.

That's not what I meant. For example, if the page is /releases, only the blocks are shown. If the page is /releases/rtt100, only the RTT blocks are shown. If the page is /releases/kdl020, only the KDL blocks are shown etc.

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i changed it, it looks ok now.

Something similar should

Something similar should be done for rtt, kd, bfl and ocl I think.