Breadcrumb for forum

I think the breadcrumb for the forums is not what it should be.
I planned to change it but my mind got messed up somewhere along the thinking process.
I think the problem originates from the fact that a forum both belongs to the general Forums category and to a orocos-subproject.
To illustrate this: go to the forum of rtt-dev and then click Forum in the navigation bar.
Result is that you will return to the RTT forum but not to the general forum list.
How should we structure the content of forum? The forums both belong to the general Forum category and to a specific subproject.

Any suggestions or remarks are welcome!

The forum is structured

The forum is structured using the 'taxonomy' structure (admin->categories). The link of the breadcrumb is filled in there. You can verify that in the 'Forum' vocabulary. When we visit the RTT-dev forum, the breadcrumb shows "Vocabulary -> parent1 ->parent2->..." when showing a 'child'. Some links were wrong and there is 'confusion' when you are visiting a 'menu' item. In that case the menu name comes on top (for rtt/forum, this is "Forum") instead of the 'taxonomy breadcrumb' path.

So check admin->categories and admin->menus for changing the links and breadcrumb titles.