Apparently, the Mailinglist botton on the website in the upper right corner points to the mailingslist of orocos-dev, ....
This again suggests the use of the orocos-dev for all subprojects including BFL.
Therefore I want to reopen the discussion topic of the mailinglists...
A suggestions which was made before was to have a orocos-user mailinglist which is meant for normal users of ALL subprojects and a orocos-dev mailinglist which is for the developers of ALL subprojects.

A solution on short-term could be to create a page on the website which contains an overview of all available mailinglists, ...
I also wonder if we could'nt replace the Mailinglist botton by a Forum button (the forums are link to the mailingslists anyway and there is already a nice overview of all forum topics).


Nice catch, the 'primary

Nice catch, the 'primary links' on top would better point to Forum instead of mailing lists.
I'll change that in admin->menu

adapt overview of mailinglists

I think the overview of the mailinglists should be adapted to include the new orocos-users mailinglist.
Maybe you could also include the explanation as you provided in the e-mail of the goal of every ML.


PS: Is the users-forum linked to the mailinglist?

I have added it. It is

I have added it. It is also linked to orocos-users, but we'll have to wait for the first post in order to see if it is setup correctly. The mailing lists overview does not really allow a lot of explanatory text. I'll have to hack the drupal module in order to get the message in there...


never mind

Never mind, if hacking the drupal module is too much work.
I believe starting users will prefer to post to the forum first, and there is already a nice explanation when to use the orocos-users mailinglist.