Tutorial for 'helloworld' tutorial?


First, a 'thank you' to the authors of this tool. It appears to be useful, but I am still getting started....

That being said, I have a question about the 'helloworld' example. I am not sure if I missed something, but I am can't seem to compile the 'HellWorld.cpp' application; I type the following:

$ cmake .
$ make

and I get an error "Unknown CMake command "DEPENDENT_OPTION" any thoughts?

FYI, I did install the ocl and RTT packages, and I was able to compile and successfully test the RTT package.

Also, once I do get the 'helloworld' binary, how do I use it with the TaskBrowser? How do I get the TaskBrowser started? Where can I find documentation on this? It appears as though these steps are not illustrated in the tutorial...

Any help is appreciated.

Scott Nortman

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Re:Tutorial for 'helloworld' tutorial?

The helloworld executable should be build when building ocl (Did you select/unselect it using ccmake when you configured OCL??)

If it is build you can find it in ${OCL-builddir}/helloworld/ . The taskbrowser will be automatically loaded when executing helloworld.