Thoughts on fora

The main purpose of is provide a central information point for users and developers. Drupal helps a lot in realising this, by providing access to many types of content. Recently, registered users can manage their Orocos or Orocos-dev mailing list subscriptions through this site. A nice feature, but not as powerful as having the messages of the lists right here on-line, searchable and reply-able. Drupal has a mailman-Forum module which claims to do that trick. The main concern is limiting SPAM of course and a captcha module may prove to be necessary.

A promotion of the 'search' feature of this site might be required as well, as too little people use it to find content directly.

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I'm already subscribed to

I'm already subscribed to both mailinglists, still the orocos-website is telling me that i am not. Is there a way to tell the subscribing tool that i am already subscribed?

an online version of the mailinglist that is searchable and reply-able would be very handy. Especially the searching ...

Use the password field

In the mailinglists page, select your current subscription status and your current status and press 'submit'. This will update your track record and allows from then on further manipulation from the mailinglists page. If you supplied a wrong password or don't know it, select 'email password' to get it.