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3 Dec 2012 Orocos Toolchain 2.6.0 Released
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The Orocos Toolchain is your primary tool to create real-time robotics applications using modular, run-time configurable software components.

It provides:

  • Multi-platform support: Linux, Windows (Visual Studio) and Mac OS-X
  • Extensions to other robotics frameworks: ROS, Rock, Yarp
  • Code generators to transfer user-defined data between distributed components
  • Run-time & real-time configurable and scriptable components
  • Logging and reporting of system events and communicated data.
It consists of:
  • AutoProj, A tool to download and compile the necessary libraries (optional)
  • The Real-Time Toolkit, a component framework that allows us to write real-time components in C++
  • The Orocos Component Library, the necessary components to start an application and interact with it at run-time
  • OroGen and TypeGen, tools to generate ready-to-compile-and-run code from existing headers or component description files

Components built by users of Orocos are hosted in their own repositories.

Fedora Debian Ubuntu Windows Mac OS-X

Get the toolchain using our script (Linux systems) or download a zip, gz or bz2 file.