Toolchain Releases

This page lists all the releases of the Orocos Toolchain. You can find matching version numbers on the git branches of the Orocos Toolchain git repositories.

The Road to RTT 2.0

This Chapter collects all information about the migration to RTT 2.0. Nothing here is final, it's a scratch book to get us there. There are talk pages to discuss the contents of these pages.

These are the major work areas:

  • New Data Flow API, proposed by S. Joyeux
  • Streamlined Execution Flow API, proposed by P. Soetens (RTT::Message)
  • Full distribution support and cleanup (Events in CORBA)
  • Alternative Data Flow transport layer (non blocking).
  • Small tools for interacting with Components

If you want to contribute, you can post your comments in the following wiki pages. Click below to read the rest of this post.