Wiki for site admins


This page is for helping site admins to setup their wiki books. Plain Orocos users which wish to edit or add new pages should find the necessary information on the Main Page.

This document is written in doku wiki syntax, MediaWiki syntax.

Useful links

In the administration panel, you are able to configure the following settings:
  • Input Formats (filters) Do not change the meaning of a filter, you should create a new one if the current set is not good enough for you
  • Books (top level wiki pages) Both top level and 'orphaned' elements are listed here.
  • Content types We needed to redefine 'book page' to 'Wiki page'.
  • Wiki tools The main page for configuring the wiki.
  • Free linking This very powerful tool allows us to invite the user to create new wiki pages when he clicks on a dead link.
  • Mathfilter We use this module with Mimetex.cgi to generate the Latex formulas. Mathfilter is an input filter which must be enabled for each input format individually.
  • Geshifilter The geshi filter is installed and enabled for Mediawiki.  this->foo( new Bar("Zort") ); or:  this->foo( new Bar("Zort") ); . The default lang is 'cpp'. I needed to patch the PEAR wiki filter module to get it working with the geshi filter. See


  • I have figured out how to link to a 'Drupal' page, which is not part of the wiki... I used the interwiki linking functionality for this. For exampe, these links work (in MediaWiki input format):
rtt or The RTT
  • Latex formulas are supported by choosing MediaWiki with DruTex input type and then by using $ $ around your latex formula (look at the KDL user manual)