Kinematics and Dynamics Library 1.0.2 Released!

The Orocos development team is pleased to announce the second bug fix release of the Kinematics and Dynamics library v1.0, a C++ library for 6D geometry calculations, building kinematics and dynamic models and doing inverse and forward calculations in a real-time context.

A lot of bugs have been reported and fixed. Upgrading is recommended if you use the python-bindings, cmake 2.8 and the inverse velocity solvers.

The new release can be downloaded from You can find the installation instructions on The user manual is located on

Most prominent fixes were:

  • fix Bug 713 - Weighted DLS solver: Weight matrix doc, applied Attachment 522, from Adolfo
  • Applied 0001-Add-functions-to-match-Vector2-interface-to-Vector.patch, from Stephen
  • Applied 0001-Correct-const-ness-of-quaternion-function-in-Frame.patch, from Stephen
  • Only build bindings if SIP_IS_GOOD
  • fix wrong initial size in jacobian
  • fix tests
  • try to fix compilation of kdl in win32 with mingw
  • Fix building the bindings with cmake 2.4 and cmake 2.6
  • Fix for Bug 743: Python bindings crash when printing a Jacobian, use a stringstream instead of charbuffer
  • fix multiplication bug, thanks Baris for reporting
  • fix installation problems due to: Default path behavior has changed between CMake 2.8 and 2.6., thanks Stephen for the patch