User Manual

Why to use KDL?

  • Extensive support for :
    • Geometric primitives: point, frame, twist ...
    • Kinematic Trees: chain and tree structures. In literature, multiple definitions exist for a kinematic structure: a chain as the equivalent for all types of kinematic structures (chain, tree, graph) or chain as the serial version of a kinematic structure. KDL uses the last, or using graph-theory terminology:
      • A closed-loop mechanism is a graph,
      • an open-loop mechanism is a tree, and
      • an unbranched tree is a chain.
Next to kinematics, also parameters for dynamics are included (inertia...)
  • Realtime-safe operations/functions whenever relevant: they do not lead to dynamic memory allocations and all of them are deterministic in time.
  • Python bindings
  • Typekits and transport-kits for Orocos/RTT
  • Integrated in ROS

Getting Help