KDL typekit

The use of KDL types in the TaskBrowser


You need to check out the rtt_geometry stack which contains the kdl_typekit package here:

and build&install it using the provided Makefile (uses defaults) or CMakeLists.txt (if you want to modify paths).


Import the kdl_typekit in Orocos by using the 'import' Deployment command in the TaskBrowser or the 'Import' Deployment property in your deployment xml file:


Creation of variables of a KDL type

  • Make sure you've loaded the KDL typekit, by checking all available types in the TaskBrowser:

  • In the list you should find eg. KDL.Frame, so you can create a variable z of this type by: var KDL.Frame z
  • z has a standard value now (Identity frame), there are multiple ways to change it:
    • value by value:
z.p.X=1 or z.M.X_x=2
    • the full position vector
z.p = KDL.Vector(1,2,3)
    • the full rotation matrix
z.M=KDL.Rotation(0,1.57,0) (roll, pitch, yaw angles???)
  • You can check the current value by just typing it's variable name, for this example, z.
  • Look in the KDL typekit for more details