Orocos on ARM Linux?

Orocos on ARM Linux?

On Monday 23 July 2007 23:13:00 Sarunas Atkociunas wrote:
> Hi
> I would like to ask if it is possible to cross-compile Orocos framework
> for ARM Linux? If yes, could someone please provide details about the
> process?

The 'only' thing we require is two header files tailored for the ARM platform.

These headers should be located in 'src/os/oro_arm' and define the same
atomic/CAS functions as the ones in 'src/os/oro_powerpc' or 'src/os/oro_i386'.
We ripped these functions from the Linux kernel headers and prefixed
everything with 'oro_' or 'ORO_' to avoid name clashes. Also the
CMakeLists.txt file must be copied and modified.

Finally, the src/os/oro_atomic.h and src/os/oro_system.h headers must be
adapted to detect compiling for ARM, which is a minor edit.

If you got that right, it should compile and install cleanly for ARM

We also heard about a new feature (Atomic Builtins) in GCC 4.1, which allows
the gcc compiler to provide these functions...

...but we have no experience with them.


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