Orocos Component Library v0.4.1 Released

This release offers improvements to the TaskBrowser, Deployment and
Reporting component. The TaskBrowser shows an improved component
interface and status view upon the 'ls' command and also stores and
loads history of previous sessions to a history file, allowing you to
search, execute or list commands of previous sessions. The Deployment
component has been further tested and protects you against loading the
same library twice with different versions (which would cause a
crash). The Reporting component outputs a new single line header,
starting with a hash (#) mark and naming the columns as in
'Component.Port.index', which allows greatly improved plotting with
the KDE 3 'kst' application.

The documentation had its gradual update as well.

An overview of the components is available here:

This release can be downloaded here:

The Orocos Development Team