A page describing a software release.

Orocos Real-Time Toolkit 1.0.3 Released

The Orocos development team announces the third bug-fix release of
the Orocos Real-Time Toolkit 1.0. You can download it here.
This release improved the on-line documentation and addressed the
following reported issues:

   ID    Vers   TargetM   Summary
  338    1.0.2   1.0.3   setScheduler() not working correctly under GNU/Linux
  332    1.0.2   1.0.3   Crash when assigning '0' to Property<T>
  324    oroco   1.0.3   make install broken wrt headers (Ubuntu Edgy)

Orocos Real-Time Toolkit 1.0.2 released

The Orocos development team announces the second bug-fix release of the Orocos Real-Time Toolkit 1.0. A license change from LGPL to the GPL + linking exception was done. The LGPL did not cover C++ templates correctly, while the new license does and is legally more sound for use in commercial applications. You can get it from the download page.

KTaskBrowser 1.0 released

We announce the release of the Graphical User Interface to Orocos Components, based on KDE 3. This program allows to show a component's status variables, and shows the progress of program scripts and state machines. It connects to networked Orocos components through the CORBA Naming Service and allows to browse the full network of components.

Consult the README to see how to compile this program and how to setup your Orocos application such that it can be found by the KTaskBrowser. Download here.

Orocos Real-Time Toolkit 1.0.1 Released

The Orocos development team announces the first bug-fix release of the Orocos Real-Time Toolkit 1.0. This release improved the online documentation, fixed bindings to Xenomai and RTAI and contains additions to the Corba interface.

The Orocos Components Library version 0.2.1 and the Orocos Kinematics and Dynamics Library version 0.2.1 have been released as well. These releases include mainly documentation updates. The 'Component Template' package v1.0 has been released as well, which allows Orocos Component builders to quickly construct a new component. The template offers a ready to use build system (using cmake), an example component and an example test program.

KDL 0.2 Release

A new version of the Kinematics and Dynamics Library is released. There were no major changes, only fixes to use this library with the Real-Time Toolkit 1.0.0.

Orocos Real-Time Toolkit 1.0 Released

The past year has been a milestone for Orocos. Never in the history of Orocos was so much time and effort invested in inventing an easy to use tool for building control applications. Every one who had a part in this process can be genuinely proud. Gentlemen, start your controllers !