Taskbrowser with readline on Windows

In order to have readline tab-completion in the taskbrowser, you'll need OCL 1.12.0 or 2.1.0 or later.

Download Readline

First download the readline-5.2 precompiled libraries from:



It is advised to keep copies/backups of these files on your own site, since they are not official readline releases, but patched to work on Windows.

Build Readline (OPTIONAL)

The readline.lib can be rebuild in MSVC by downloading:

and then open the solution in the directory:

  • src/readline/5.2/readline-5.2/msvc/readline.sln

The build will place a static readline.lib in the ../lib directory.

Configuring OCL

Add the paths similar to these lines to your orocos-ocl.cmake file, or to your environment:
 set(CMAKE_INCLUDE_PATH ${CMAKE_INCLUDE_PATH} "C:/Documents and Settings/virtual/My documents/readline5.2/include")
 set(CMAKE_LIBRARY_PATH ${CMAKE_LIBRARY_PATH} "C:/Documents and Settings/virtual/My documents/readline5.2/lib")
Where 'C:/Documents and Settings/virtual/My documents/' is the directory where you unpacked the downloads.

Continue to configure OCL in the cmake GUI by turning off the NO_GPL flag (by default on on Windows). It will then try to link the taskbrowser with the readline.lib file, which should succeed. After installing ocl, readline should work as on Linux, but only on the standard cygwin or cmd.exe prompts, not on rxvt