RTT Dictionary

RTT Dictionary

This page containts a list of terms used in RTT (and Orocos in general).


  • An Activity object executes the ExecutionEngine, which in turn executes programs, state machines, processes, incoming commands, incoming events and finally executes the user code.
  • An activity can be: activity, periodic activity, non-periodic activity, sequential activity, slave activity...


  • Attributes are solely for run-time values.
  • You can alter the attributes of any task, program or state machine. Click below to read the rest of this post.

Part 1 Without the plugin

This is a work in progress

This part creates components that use your custom type, and demonstrates that Orocos does not know anything about these types.


See the attachments at the bottom of Developing plugins and toolkits.

To build

In a shell

cd /path/to/plugins
mkdir build
cd build

For other operating systems substitute the appopriate value for "macosx" when setting OROCOS_TARGET (e.g. "gnulinux").

Tested in Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.7. Click below to read the rest of this post.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Future home of FAQ

Compiling RTT in Windows/MinGW + pthreads-32

This page describes the steps to take in order to compile the real-time toolkit (RTT) on a Windows machine, under MinGW and pthreads-32.

The following has been tested on Windows XP, running in a virtual machine on Mac OS X Leopard.

Outstanding issues

  • Not all RTT tests pass
  • TAO does not completely build
  • CORBA support in RTT untested due to the above

Warning: the default GCC 3.4.5 compiler in MinGW outputs a lot of warnings when compiling RTT. Click below to read the rest of this post.

Latest version

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Version 1.0.x

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RTT 1.x Manuals

Manuals and Source Code Documentation for RTT versions 1.x

Look here for RTT 2.x documentation: Toolchain 2.x reference manuals
"What is Orocos?" ( pdf )
Summary text about what the Orocos Project is and how the Real-Time Toolkit supports it.

RTT Documentation

Recent Presentations (PDF)

Orocos Component Design in 3 Slides
Quick overview of how an Orocos component looks like
Orocos Real-Time Toolkit Slides (October 2007)
Introduction to the Real-Time Toolkit, showing examples of the component interface and the workflow for building an Orocos application.