Part 1 Without the plugin

This is a work in progress

This part creates components that use your custom type, and demonstrates that Orocos does not know anything about these types.


See the attachments at the bottom of Developing plugins and toolkits.

To build

In a shell

cd /path/to/plugins
mkdir build
cd build

For other operating systems substitute the appopriate value for "macosx" when setting OROCOS_TARGET (e.g. "gnulinux").

Tested in Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.7.

To run

In a shell

cd /path/to/plugins/build

This starts a test case that uses an OCL taskbrowser to show two components: send and recv. If you issue a "ls" or "ls Send" command, you will get output similar to the following:

 Data Flow Ports: 
 RW(C)   unknown_t ptime          = (unknown_t)
 RW(C)   unknown_t timeDuration   = (unknown_t)

Each component has two ports, named ptime and time_duration. Notice that both ports are connected "(C)", but that Orocos considers each an unknown type with unknown value.

Part 2 Toolkit plugin will build a toolkit plugin that allows Orocos to understand these types.