Documentation suggestions

From recent discussion on ML, simply a place to put down ideas before we forget them ...

  • Use Wiki for FAQ instead of XML doc


  • My shared libraries won't load
  • The deployer won't load my plugins
  • Can I use dynamic memory allocation, and where?
  • How do I run in real time? ie how do I configure my system to allow

Orocos to run in real-time

  • Why do I have periodic delays when attaching a remote deployer?
  • Configuring OmniORB instead of TAO
  • OmniORB options for IDL
  • How do I set a client application using pyOmniOrb (OmniORB python bindings)?

<quote> Actually it's an option of the omniidl compiler... the command to use is

omniidl -bcxx -Wba myIdlFile.idl

This will become definately a FAQ item :-) <quote>

  • My wiki page is blank

<quote> When your text is not appearing on your wiki page, it's because you ended your wiki page with an indented line. So if your last line is:

this is my last line

the wiki code clears the whole page. It's clearly a Drupal/wiki module thing/bug. <quote>

  • Is it possible to log messages from scripts and state machines?

Check out OCL's HmiConsoleOutput component.

  • What is the coding style used by Orocos?

You can take a look at the CODING_STYLE.txt file. Also, we worked out the indentation rules for Eclipse and Emacs.

  • Error linking readline with OCL's taskbrowser


  • Seems like I have to first read up on Activities. Can you point me to a good example for such a component test and mockobject in rtt/tests?
  • Hello world as an application
  • Hello world with the deployer
  • Use of reporting component
  • CMake and non-standard install location for Orocos
  • Distributed deployment - ie how to use more than one deployer, and setting up CORBA
  • Adding types to Orocos
  • Adding types to Orocos+Corba
  • Changing ReadDataPort/WriteDataPort to DataPort for CORBA-based deployment

System examples

  • Robotics
Examples like Stephen proposed earlier
Focus on : Kinematics, path planning, HMI/interfacing
  • Machine control
Similar to Robotics with without kinematics or path planning
Master controller that controls slave devices through a state machine
Focus on : state machines & events
  • Distributed
Sensor data processing using various distributed components
Focus on : Data flow