Orocos Component Library



This project consists of a series of independent Orocos components which can be used to build a control application. It uses the Orocos RealTime Toolkit and KDL, a kinematic and dynamic library which is available through svn at http://svn.mech.kuleuven.be/repos/orocos/trunk/kdl

Examples for the usage of all components can be found in the respective tests subdirectory


Some Orocos Components requires a number of libraries in order to build. These are:


Hello World: [ready]

The OCL::HelloWorld component demonstrates the TaskContext interface and how it can be used in applications.

Reporting: [ready]

Components for real-time data capturing. Currently console and file reporting is supported.

Taskbrowser: [ready]

A Component for online interaction with any other component. Your main tool during component development, testing or experimenting.

Component Deployment: [ready]

Component for loading and configuring components into an application.

Viewer: [beta stage]

A Component which sends naxisposition values to the kdlviewer. KDLViewer is an application of KDL and can be found on http://svn.mech.kuleuven.be/repos/orocos/apps/kdl/kdlviewer

Hardware: [ready]

Components for various devices (like sensors) and hardware platforms, the simulation devices can be used by everyone,

Motion_control: [ready]

Components for path interpolation and control in cartesian and joint space. These components need KDL for the path interpolation and for the cartesian operations.

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