Installation instructions

Ubuntu Installation with ROS


  • Install Electric ROS using Debian packages for Ubuntu Lucid (10.04) or later. In case you don't run Ubuntu you can use the ROS install scripts. See the ros installation instructions.
    • Make sure the following debian packages are installed: ros-electric-rtt-ros-integration ros-electric-rtt-ros-comm ros-electric-rtt-geometry ros-electric-rtt-common-msgs ros-electric-pr2-controllers ros-electric-pr2-simulator ruby
  • Create a directory in which you want to install all the workshops source (for instance erf)

mkdir ~/erf

  • Add this directory to your $ROS_PACKAGE_PATH


  • Get rosinstall

sudo apt-get install python-setuptools
sudo easy_install -U rosinstall

  • Get the workshop's rosinstall file . Save it as erf.rosinstall in the erf folder.
  • Run rosinstall

rosinstall ~/erf erf.rosinstall /opt/ros/electric

  • As the rosinstall tells you source the setup script

source ~/erf/setup.bash

  • Install all dependencies (ignore warnings)

rosdep install itasc_examples
rosdep install rFSM

  • Compile the workshop sources

rosmake itasc_examples


  • Add the following functions in your $HOME/.bashrc file:

    source $HOME/erf/setup.bash;
    source $HOME/erf/;
    source /opt/ros/electric/stacks/orocos_toolchain/;
    if [ "x$LUA_PATH" == "x" ]; then LUA_PATH=";;"; fi
    if [ "x$LUA_CPATH" == "x" ]; then LUA_CPATH=";;"; fi
    export LUA_PATH="$LUA_PATH;`rospack find rFSM`/?.lua"
    export LUA_PATH="$LUA_PATH;`rospack find ocl`/lua/modules/?.lua"
    export LUA_PATH="$LUA_PATH;`rospack find kdl`/?.lua"
    export LUA_PATH="$LUA_PATH;`rospack find rttlua_completion`/?.lua"
    export LUA_PATH="$LUA_PATH;`rospack find youbot_master_rtt`/lua/?.lua"
    export LUA_PATH="$LUA_PATH;`rospack find kdl_lua`/lua/?.lua"
    export LUA_CPATH="$LUA_CPATH;`rospack find rttlua_completion`/?.so"
    export PATH="$PATH:`rosstack find orocos_toolchain`/install/bin"