A page describing an Orocos application.

Telesurgery with reliable force feedback

Bert Willaert, researcher at department of Mechanical Engineering at the KU Leuven, Belgium, has used OROCOS for a highly dynamic force-feedback application.

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Using Orocos to visually track a free-floating target in micro-gravity

The Robotics Demonstration and Test team, in the NASA Goddard Satellite Servicing Capabilities Office, used the Orocos ecosystem to control a Motoman SIA10D industrial robot to demonstrate autonomous visual tracking of both cooperative, and uncooperative, targets in microgravity. NASA robot visually tracking a free-floating, non-cooperative targetNASA robot visually tracking a free-floating, non-cooperative target

Orocos Workshop at euRobotics Forum, 7 April, Västerås

Intermodalics, Locomotec and KU Leuven organize an Orocos hands-on workshop on April 7 at the euRobotics Forum 2011, held in Västerås, Sweden on April 6-8. This is the major annual networking event for academic and industrial robotics researchers and product developers. Attending this event is only 94€ which includes all meals served at the European Robotics Forum on April 6-8, including dinner and evening activities. The participants also get free access to the exhibition and three full days of interesting seminars and sessions.

During the workshop, the participants will use their own laptop to control a real and a simulated KUKA YouBot, for which Locomotec is doing the distribution.

We are setting up a workshop webpage where participants can find the instructions on how to prepare for this workshop. Registration for the workshop is required, registered users will also receive updates by email as the instruction are updated.

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Dynamic parameter identification of a robot and its payload

Experimental parameter estimation of an Industrial 6-DOF Robot (KUKA KR30HA) and its payload using periodic excitation trajectories. Click below to read the rest of this post.

MERLIN lab releases EasyOROCOS CAD

EasyOROCOS CAD is an interface which supports the interactive definition of a manipulator kinematics (and 3D geometry), and from that it generates an Orocos controller of the manipulator, in the form of a task running under Linux RTAI. Check out the EasyOrocos CAD website for animations that show these examples: how a link can be developed, how links can be assembled to build a new robot, and how the robot motion can be simulated. Simulating motion: The tool can simulate and generate the controller code for the real robot.Simulating motion: The tool can simulate and generate the controller code for the real robot.

Blender-OROCOS robot control

The result of a master thesis: connecting Blender with OROCOS to execute milling tasks.

The demo was filmed by the students with a small camera. Sorry for the shaking at times !

Constraint-based motion specification application using two robots

The ACM research group of the K.U.Leuven used Orocos Real-Time Toolkit as framework for an involved robotics application as well as Orocos Bayesian filtering library and Kinematics and Dynamics Library as detailed in this paper.
The experiment consists of a complex task—“human-aware task execution”—involving two robot arms, five PCs interconnected by ethernet, and half a dozen or so sensors.

Orocos Simulink Toolbox

The Flander's Mechatronics Technology Centre ( ) has released a toolbox for creating Orocos components in Matlab/Simulink from The Mathworks. It lets you generate from Real-Time Workshop a ready to use component from a Simulink model. The toolbox works for Simulink in Linux and Windows and comes with a Windows installer and a user manual. Click below to read the rest of this post.

Autonomous car uses Orocos middleware

Spirit of Berlin: Autonomous Car
The Berlin Racing Team of the 2007 Urban Grand Challenge Competition is using the Orocos Real-Time Toolkit as framework for building software components. They are one of the semifinalists selected by DARPA. There is an impressive movie (84MB) of this car in action.
You can read more about the use of Orocos on their website. See also their main page for a full overview of this project.
The core of the team consists of researchers and students of Freie Universität Berlin working together with partners from the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft (IAIS), and Rice University in Houston, Texas.

Compliant motion

Compliant motion task specification by human demonstration

Programming by human demonstration exploits the advanced human manipulation skills to obtain a task description of a complex compliant motion task.